•  Hardening in vacuum or inert gas

•  Bright Anneal in vacuum or inert gas

•  Omogenizing, Solubilitation

•  Brazing

•  Sintering

•  Degasing

VMS 2-20

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It is a vacuum furnace series of small dimension for laboratory and industrial applications.

The hot zone has a cylindrical shape and top loading . VLT U.H.V. furnaces are completely metallic and at the state of the art in the U.H.V. technology.

The use of metals as Tungsten, Molybdenum, OFHC Cupper, AISI 304L and the use of Turbo molecular and dry pumps, allows to perform high vacuum processes in an atmosphere oil free .

The high efficient metallic hot zone allows very fast heating and cooling cycles. With a very low power consumption.

The furnaces can operate in automatic or manual, and the operator interface is very simple.

Process data can be transmitted to a remote PC.

VLT can supply different furnace configurations , responding to specific client needs.

The furnace is a self contained machine in a structure of extruded Aluminium alloy, with the instrumentations in the front panels and doors in the 5 other sides.

In the rear side there are inputs for Inert gas, cooling water and compressed air.

This H.V. Furnace series is supplied for working temperature of 1200°C, 1500°C and 1800°C, the useful volume can be from 2lt to 20lt, with a maximum diameter of 220mm. The overall dimensions of the furnace is related to the Hot Zone dimension.

Due to the high efficient thermal shields the power consumption is very low i.e. for a useful volume of 8lt at 1500°C the power required is less than 5 Kw.


  • Working : Automatic and manual

  • Working temperature : 1200°C, 1500°C, 1800°C.

  • Temp. Uniformity : +/- 5°C

  • Useful volumes : From 2lt to 20lt

  • Power : 380V 3F+N+G. from 5 to 25 Kw(depending of useful volume and temp.)

  • Thermocouples : N° 2 Pt-PtRd 10% for 1200 and 1500°C.

  • N° 2 W-WRe5% for 1800°C.

  • Ultimate Vacuum : 5x10-8 mbar after degasing.

  • Cooling : water 20°C, 20lt/min.

  • Compressed air : 6/8 bar

  • Max dim : L=1900, P=1100, H=1100mm.

  • Max weight : 520 Kg.

  • Fast cooling : By inert gas flow.

VMS 2-20

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1) AISI 304L vacuum chamber cooled wall

  • Main cylindrical body max diam.600mm, max height 850mm, on it there are vacuum flanges for Electro-pneumatic Gate valve, vacuum instruments, thermocouples, vacuum valves, inert gas, power feed-throughs etc.

  • Flat cover double wall water cooled, pneumatic open and 120° rotation. On request a view-port can be mounted for optical measurement.

  • Flat bottom double wall water cooled.

2) Hot zone 1200°C

  • It includes the Molybdenum resistor, 7 thermal shields (5Mo+2AISI) for cylinder, top and bottom. The hot zone is easy to remove for maintenance operations.

2a) Hot zone 1500°C

  • It includes the Molybdenum resistor, 9 thermal shields (8 Mo+1 AISI) for cylinder, top and bottom. The hot zone is easy to remove for maintenance operations.

2b) Hot zone 1800°C

  • It includes the Tungsten resistor 9 thermal shields (2 W+6Mo+1 AISI) for cylinder, top and bottom. The hot zone is easy to remove for maintenance operations.

3) Power supply, control system / PC

All included in the sealed cabinet:

  • Low voltage insulation transformer three phase 400/12 Vac

  • Thyristor Eurotherm unit Mod. TC3001

  • Chart record Eurotherm Mod. 4103M/6CH six channel for vacuum and temperatures

  • Programmer temperature controller Eurotherm Mod. 2704 serial port to PC. The software is upper-graded at the state of the art.

  • The control system allow to operate in automatic or manual, and can be settled to a predefinite safety vacuum value, so if this value is reached the program will stay in hold condition until the vacuum value start to decrease.

4) Vacuum system oil free

The vacuum system use Varian or equivalent pumps, a combination of Dry and Turbo pump giving an oil free system. The system is capable to reach 1x 10 -7 mbar at temperature.

It includes:

  • Pump combination

  • Turbo controller

  • Gauges controller

  • Penning and Pirani gauges

  • Fast fill inert gas valve

  • Vent valve

  • Electro-pneumatic Gate valve

  • Water cooled trap

5) Safety and interlocks

A wide range of safeties are included:

  • Low cooling water flow rate

  • Over-temperature of water cooling

  • Thermocouple failure

  • Vacuum loss

  • Door interlocks

  • Furnace over temperature