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About VLT

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VLT is a Company, specialized in the field of High Vacuum and Ulta High Vacuum brazing, construction of brazing furnaces, and in all connected services.

The specific experience of its personnel, longer than decennal, associated with a flexible and dynamic organization, put VLT in the position of complying with the most various clients requirements at its top level quality.

These characteristics have allowed VLT to be a proud supplier of some among the biggest Companies and Research Institute in Italy and Europe.

The production technologies and processes have been developed in the Company, which holds also some patents in the field.

VLT can apply any major national or international applicable codes and standards.

VLT operates always in accordance with a proper Quality Assurance Manual.

VLT production may be divided in the following main areas:

  • U.H.V. Furnaces

  • Ceramic to Metal and Metal to Metal High Vacuum Brazing

  • High and Ultra High Vacuum brazed Components and Systems

  • Catalogue Components for High and Ultra High Vacuum:

    • Electrical Feedthrougs ; Power, Instrumentation, Coaxial Connectors

    • Viewports

    • Ceramich Breaks

    • Thermocouples

    • Multipin Feedthrougs complying MIL-C-50515 and MIL-C-26482

In each of these areas VLT can offer feasibility studies, design, production and technical assistance.

For any needs, bids, feasibility studies, informations you can contact us at the following address: follow me .